Finder safety harness

The findersope bracket and mount on the Skywatcher 200P has been (presumably) designed so that if the OTA is lifted using it, there is no danger of the finder and bracket becoming detached.

The problem is that unless the knurled screw is very tight, there is a danger that in the vertical position, the finder and bracket may fall from the OTA.

One workaround I have read is to drill a recess into the mount so that the screw sits into that. I did not want to risk voiding the warranty by damaging my new telescope.

One suggestion I read was to turn the bracket 180° and while that will stop the finder from dropping, it means that the finder could come off the OTA if it was lifted. The finder and bracket will be safe in your hand but your OTA will be supported by just your other hand!!!

My workaround is a safety harness using three plastic cable ties.

I’ve since changed from a straight-through to a right-angle finder but still using the harness system.

An alternative solution from Don Pensack that I have not tried is to unscrew the finder base from the OTA and turn it 180°. The finder bracket is also turned and refitted. 

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  1. Awesome idea, i have a flextube version of 200p and had the same issues (flextube also has an open tube, so the danger of finder dropping onto the primary mirror is also present.)

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