Dual Speed Focuser Upgrade

The Crayford focuser that is supplied with the 200P works well but having a dual-speed focuser makes it easier to precisely achieve focus in order to get a good view.

This upgrade is worthwhile and significantly improves the observing experience.

The kit used was manufactured by Lacerta and purchased from 365Astronomy at a cost of £75. After placing an order in December, the kit arrived in June.

Installing the upgrade

The focus locking screw and the four screws holding the focuser were removed. The focus tube is loose at this point so be careful to ensure it cannot fall out.

Using an Allen key, the central bolt holding the Crayford pressure plate was removed and the Teflon pad carefully prised out.

The Teflon pad was inserted into the new Lacerta pressure plate. The shaft was lifted slightly to allow room for this.

One of the knobs was unscrewed from the original Crayford shaft and fitted to the new shaft

The Lacerta unit was attached using the four screws.

Finally, the Allen key was used to tighten the pressure pad in order to ensure the focus tube can move freely but with enough grip so that it will not fall if a heavy eyepiece is used.

The upgrade cost me £75 and was purchased from 365 Astronomy.




  1. My Skyline 8″ dob focus is behaving badly. I believe I have what you refer to as the Lacerta. I can get the adjustment screws so the eyepiece will move in and out when the dob is pointed straight up and the eyepiece is horizontal. When I move the dob down even just a bit, the focuser slides back to the bottom. I can move the focuser if I put upward pressure on one of the adjustment knobs (kind of a diagonal force on the shaft. Seems pulling this apart and replacing something is in order. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This is explained in the last paragraph. There is a single Allen key bolt that adjusts the pressure of the Teflon pad. Tighten it just enough to stop the tube from falling back.

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